Thursday, February 25, 2010

Consumer Confidence Decline

As of right now, the need to spend has increased so much for necessary items that I haven't given a single thought to buy something simply for pleasure. A recent article in Business Week discussed how consumer confidence is dropping, a contradiction against all the predictions of the recovering economy. I can sympathize with this and so can many of my classmates.

When money is so hard to get right now, either by their own job or through  parents then of course confidence levels will go down. Right now the only expenses that I will be taking on are my standarized test registration costs and my daily routine costs like lunch.

While retailers are feeling more optimistic, the malls of Nashua can still be seen as fairly empty on a Friday night. It is apparent that while some say consumer spending has gone up greatly others can definitely disagree. 

Until my necessary costs go down there is no chance of me being a confident consumer. The nation is feeling a decline in consumer confidence and so am I.

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