Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Change We Can Believe In" Needs to be Properly Managed

By Sandy Belknap

During the 2008 Presidential Election, I was concerned about the constant use of the word CHANGE.  With NH being the First in the Nation Primary state, we had a lot of candidates come to Nashua to talk about CHANGE for almost two years leading up to the actual election.

As a communications professional in the corporate world, I've seen over and over again that CHANGE is hard.   Whether it's the introduction of new leadership in a business organization, a redefined corporate strategy or anything else that makes things different,  the need to manage CHANGE is critical.  (I often refer to Prosci's ADKAR model when I'm working on a CHANGE related business plan.)

Why is CHANGE hard?  Resistance.
One word that can stop CHANGE from actually happening.
One word that is often forgotten when talking about the promise that a CHANGE will bring.

So, here we are in 2010.  Americans are getting angry and showing resistance.  They aren't feeling the 'good things' that the promised CHANGE was supposed to bring when President Obama took his oath of office a year ago.   

I'm not one bit surprised....because there was never a truly open discussion about the challenges we'd be facing and how long it would take for CHANGE to actually happen.

Considering the magnitude of CHANGE that our country is expecting, I hope that someone is working behind the scenes with the President to map out the CHANGE plan and proactively engage with both the supporters and resisters of the CHANGE.  

Sure sounds like there's a need for bi-partisan engagement to me.  Now, THAT is a CHANGE I can believe in (or at least hope for!)

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