Friday, December 25, 2009

2010 Resolutions

Happy Holidays to all! This year, the holidays are less about giving and more about doing. Giving presents has not been the most important thing on my list; it is more about doing stuff for others and doing things to help benefit my family. This time of year is always a busy one, planning, shopping, and wrapping has not been up to usual standards this year. This is not because of money only, but more because of the amount of time and effort that must be put into it. The holidays are a fun and important, but to my family, like many others, the budget left little room for extravagant holiday shopping. The holidays also mean the start of a new year, a fresh start, and of course resolutions. In the past, my long list of resolutions, have never been fully accomplished. This year, I’ve decided to take baby steps. My one and only resolution for 2010 is, to be able to successfully get into college. While this may seem quite basic there are a variety of factors that must come into play. From standardized test scores, recommendations, to financial aid, the year is going to be difficult and stressful. Hopefully, it will be rewarding and lead me into a great future.

On a local, community level the major issue is the educational budget for the 2010-2011 school year. As of now the actual budget is about 6 million dollars less than the projected budget for this year. This means major cuts in the educational system for next year. Rumors are flying right now; many teachers are expressing their concerns regarding the cuts and have spoken out in classrooms. The budget decision will be made public soon after the winter break, followed up by public hearings o the decisions. This school year has had a large amount of reductions when it comes to paper, trips, and so much more. Next year, things are bound to be worse. My resolution for 2010 is that the Nashua Education System will find a happy medium ground for the cuts that will be put into place. I am hoping for the best; however I am expecting the worst. This is one resolution, that I will honestly be surprised and enthusiastic about if it ever occurs.

As far as the nation goes, I feel as though we are ending the year on a hopeful note that will bring about change with the passing of the health care bill in Congress on the 24th of December. If this $871 billion dollar bill becomes law then it will be one of the biggest expansions on health care. Supposedly it will extend insurance coverage to about 30 million people. The bill is going to be merged with a plan that has already been approved by the House of Representatives in November. In 2010 I’m hoping that the health care reform issue kicks into gear, making changes visible to the average person’s eye. Ending the year with health care, it a great way to set the tone for the upcoming year. America’s Resolution: Get the health care reform bill passed as a law and put into action. This is one issue that has been talked about for such a long time; it’s time for some action.

2009 has been an interesting year for America and me. With the inauguration of President Obama and issues such as the War in Iraq and health care, politically there has been so much to discuss, resolve, and act upon. Financially, unemployment, the stimulus plan, Cash for Clunkers, and foreclosure proved to be both beneficial and hurtful to many. All in all, 2009 was a rough year, economically and financially. The newest change, was the Obama administration. While I don’t think they did amazingly this year, it still has yet to be a full year since President Obama stepped into office. I hope that 2010 brings about more positive changes that the President promised in his campaign.

The year has slowly come to an end, but 2010 is sure to be a year of change and excitement. On a personal, community, and national level there are challenges everywhere, let’s see where the year takes us.


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