Sunday, October 4, 2009

Going Green on a National Level

The new bill regarding Climate Change brings up a controversial and important issue to our minds. The bill proposed by two Democratic senators proposes establishing limits on greenhouse gas emissions as well as cutting emissions by 20 percent by the year 2020. Furthermore it will cap emission allowances in various industries, create many new jobs regarding the selling and buying of pollution permits, and advance options for natural and nuclear gas. This is the kind of change that the world really needs.

With the large healthcare debacle already on the table this bill may find it hard to get the necessary attention and will be controversial for a long time to come. This will affect businesses in a way that will require them to pay more money; this is necessary for the amount of energy that is used. In the end this bill is an important new start for our country to move towards a better environment. The point being whether it is big or small, it has to start some where.

For me it starts in my school, with the Green Team (catchy, I know). As the Recycling Committee Chair some of the projects include introducing plastic recycling throughout the whole school as well as painting a mural at the recycling center to promote recycling. Additionally the Green Team reaches out to middle school students to raise awareness and is working on getting more energy efficient lighting throughout the school. In Nashua, the Green Team’s of both high schools are working with the city Green Team to start affecting our environment in a more positive way. Now while this is starting on a smaller level there are many cities, towns, and schools that our doing their best to start to protect our environment. When Massachusetts Senator, John Kerry, spoke about the bill he said the main purpose is for security throughout the nation. A bill such as this or a small act such as plastic recycling both contribute towards the cause of our nation; promoting security. In this case it just so happens to be energy security. Regardless this bill is definitely going to be debated for a long time, hopefully ending in an agreement that benefits our country in the long run.


  1. I like that Kinjal brings up the Green Team at Nashua High School. I'm sure that other schools in the area have similar programs. As a Nashua resident, I've noticed a trend in my neighbor - as soon as a group of kids start to attend the middleschool, there's a definite surge on 'trash day' of more recycle bins at the curb. I really believe that starting the habit of recycling early is a great way to get people engaged with local recycling effort - even the smallest acts make an impact.

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